Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Terrible Two... week wait...

I'm dying here. Ok so it's only been a few DPO, but considering I've never successfully ovulated before, I've never had the same hope as I do now. I can't wait for my two weeks to go by and take that test. Although I'm also scared out of my mind, what if I'm not pregnant and I get my hopes up for nothing?

I think this torture is magnified by the fact that I don't have work for the entire two weeks and I have nothing to keep myself busy with, minus editing this maternity photo shoot I just did which does NOT help the situation at all. I have, hold on let me count for you, 6 friends... yes SIX friends, who are currently expecting, along with several who just recently gave birth. It's hard to stand by and watch as these women (all in the time that I've been trying to GET pregnant) announce their pregnancies, grow their precious baby bellies, and have their adorable little bundles of joy as I struggle internally trying not to hate them.

I am not a hateful person nor do I hold grudges against any friends of mine. I've been told that God doesn't give us any trials that we cannot handle, but for some reason I feel like I'm near my breaking point on this one.

What can I do to make the two weeks fly by a little easier? Holy cow help me get past this waiting period.

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